You Are What You Eat

I invite you to step back and consider all of the information you consume: what do you listen to, what do you read, who do you talk to? Whose words are you absorbing into your brain and being? What do they say to you, and how do they affect your thoughts, actions, everything?  Have you ever paused and pondered all of the words that you have absorbed in a day? 

There are those amongst us who listen to dangerous ideas of evil and go down the rabbit hole of dark information in the name of some hidden truth that they believe is only for them and a sacred few.  They make videos, write articles, and share with their friends their ideas about doom and war.  I am not a participant in this culture, though I have danced around it a few times trying to understand its appeal.  And the conclusion that I have come to that just like any other type of consumption food, drugs, etc., is that it is addictive. 

If you are devouring video after video, theory after theory, word after word based in evil, then YOU are giving it power.  YOU are making it stronger.  YOU allow the information you consumed to grow and fester in your mind, and it makes you hungry for more.  Holding this knowledge may make you feel powerful, like you have some secret key that no one else has, but what it truly does is give energy to the very notion that you cry against. The words you sought are now devouring your every free thought.  

But, you are now the vessel of the words you consumed, and you must spew them forth because you just can’t help yourself. Ego has taken hold. By spelling out your new found theories into the world, YOU help usher those realities into this world.  Obsessive consumption and subsequent use of your own words as you attempt to indoctrinate others is how it lives. You have become a part of the magic that gives the darkness its power.

Maybe all of the nightmares drawn out by conspiracy theorist are true, but I am certainly not willing to be a participant and/orletting those ideas disrupt my own ability to think creatively, critically, or hold any power over the energies I put into the world.        

Words whether they are spoken, written, listened to, read, or thought have power. I caution everyone to use and consume words carefully.  Try to speak with truth and integrity, and consume words of the same quality.  Look outside of your worldview with empathy and a will to understand when you chose your daily diet of information. Please, be careful out there.