Luck is a Relative Term

What is it about the allure of a four leaf clover that will make us drop to our knees to search through the green? Is it the elusive nature of it- the appeal of a rare, strange mutant of its species?  Is it the promise of good luck? Perhaps it is a bit of both and these reasons are intrinsically linked. 

While I was walking this morning, I happened upon a little cluster of the familiar looking leaves of three (of the non poisonous variety), and on a whim thought, “I’ll just have a little look …”  So, I knelt down into the shade of an oak and felt my way through the inviting clover patch growing in its shadow. One patch, two patches, and then three, my fingers swept in search of treasure without finding their prize. But, I persisted. I found a cluster on the other side of the path, and again searched to no avail. I felt disappointed, but then I began to wonder why I even looked in the first place. 

First, there’s the intrigue of finding something hidden and rare. That in and of itself comes with rewards: you feel special and singled out by the universe who decided to bestow this gift upon you. But, then with the four leaf clover, there’s the promise of luck. The egoic benefits of finding the un-findable with the added promise of good luck is a quest I could not pass up especially considering the venture took little time or trouble. But, soon, I gave up. 

At the core of the quest, I wanted to harvest a blessing and then keep it as a token to remind myself that I am blessed-  a wish might come true, or a dream to fruition. But, why do I need a plant to tell me this? And why don’t I put in the effort to see that these wishes and dreams come to pass in the physical world? 

Just like the hunt for the enchanted four leaf clover, I’ve got to get my hands in the dirt—Stop waiting for my dreams to come true with no action behind them. I will manifest my own luck because I put the work in to bring it about. We aren’t just given gifts. They must be earned. Karma must have her way. You get what you give.

Oh, you’ll still find me sifting through a patch of clover on occasion, but I won’t be depending on finding my four leaved friend to give me what I need to make my dreams come true. I’ll make that magic all on my own.